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Dry Cleaning And Washing Secrets to Keep Your Clothes Looking Fresh and Brand New

Do you remember how enthusiastic you were when you got your favorite clothes? Then, a few months down the line, you’re not as excited to wear them as they don’t look as new? This is one of the challenges we face when we purchase new clothes – when they start to look not so new after a very short time.

Even though the quality of the cloth plays a pivotal role in how fresh they will look after some time, your dry cleaning provider might also be responsible for your clothes fading fast. Hence, it is important you pay attention to how your clothes are dry cleaned.

To keep your clothes looking brand new, here are some dry cleaning and home washing tips to get started

  1. Are the appropriate washer settings being used?

Whether you are involved directly in washing your clothes or not, ensure the right washer settings are used. Professional dry cleaners should know the right setting to use for every cloth type. For example, if you use a harsh/strong setting for a piece of delicate fabric, it will not last long.

Different washer settings have different labels like gentle/mild/harsh/normal/delicate, etc. So, you must be careful to discern the meaning of these labels before dry cleaning your clothes. It is also advised to check your clothes labels to see if there are instructions from the manufacturer.

  1. Is the right detergent being used?

Another reason why clothes lose their aesthetic appeal is that they are not washed or dry cleaned with the right detergent. When drycleaners use the right detergent, your clothes will keep looking newer for longer periods of time. It is important to mention that laundry detergents are of different types. Some detergents are suitable for delicate/sensitive fabrics. At the same time, some are made for tough fabrics.

Generally, powdered detergents are harsh on fabrics, so you can opt for the liquid type. However, it is important to mention that some detergents are derived from plants. And there are several types on the market that are great for almost any fabric. Make sure you conduct your due diligence and watch out for customers’ reviews.

If you’ve tried washing clothes yourself without great results, it might be best to give a professional laundry service a try.

  1. Check the labels – or use an expert

Detergent labels give clear instructions on how to use them and the right kind of clothes they should be used on.  When washing at home, it’s best to use care instructions on the label.  But here is one advantage of using an expert garment care service –  clothing label laws don’t give every possible way to clean, they are only required to list one acceptable way to clean.  If your dry cleaner is very experienced, they can go beyond the clothing label and use their own expertise to handle a tricky or complicated garment. If the instructions look quite complicated and beyond your knowledge, you should have a professional handle it for you.

  1. Ensure your clothes are inside out before washing

Leaving your clothes inside out before you wash is a dry cleaning hack that is often sidelined. It is important to turn your clothes inside out before they are put in the water. Sometimes, the spinning action of the dry cleaning machine can impact wear and tear on your clothing items. Hence, it is better if the interiors of your clothes are on the receiving end instead of the outside.

Additionally, if you are washing clothes that have buttons, and other fashion embellishments, washing them inside out is a smart way to ensure they don’t fall loose.

  1. Use cold water to wash except stated otherwise

It is important to mention that using hot water to wash your clothes is highly disadvantageous because it makes clothes fade faster than usual. Usually, hot water is appropriate for gardening and camping wear, soiled sheets, etc.

Asides from these, it is best to use cold water to wash all your clothes because it has no effect. The threads of your fabric will remain intact, and the strength of the textile will not reduce.

  1. Get a Laundry Mesh Bag

Laundry Mesh bags provide a protective film between the items inside and the others in the washer. The bags are made from a resilient and porous polyester mesh material permeable enough to allow soap lather and water to pass through. And it prevents other particles from passing through.

To use a laundry mesh bag, all you need to do is put your clothes inside and close with the zipper or closure mechanism. Then, put the bag in the washer.

Laundry mesh bags are useful in protecting delicate fabrics when you are washing. When they are inside the bag, your clothes can never get damaged, especially if you are doing mass laundry with several clothes.

  1. Buy durable fabrics

An underrated dry cleaning secret is taking ample time to look at the fabrics on each garment you want to purchase. Getting a durable fabric saves you the stress and worry of having your garment age prematurely.

A piece of durable fabric will last for a long time and still maintain its aesthetic appeal. Such fabrics need little care to maintain their brand new look, and you will spend less trying to preserve them.

  1. Rotate your clothes

If you are intentional about keeping your clothes fresh and brand new, be ready to rotate them. This is a hack that many people don’t utilize.  An easy way to start is to hang recently worn items at the back of the closet, or for washed clothes, take the extra few seconds to remove the current items in the drawer, then place your recently washed clothes at the bottom of the drawer, and then put the items you haven’t worn yet on top.  If you find yourself digging to the bottom of the drawer for those recently washed items early – you probably really don’t like the items on top – so get rid of them and get stuff you love to wear!

  1. Air dry your clothes

Even though dryers are great, allowing your clothes to air dry impacts an appealing scent. Clothing items like pajamas and jeans can be used in a dryer.

However, other categories of clothes should be air-dried because they are susceptible to damage when used in machine dryers. Like hot water is disadvantageous to fabrics, hot air in machine dryers is not appropriate for several clothing types and textures.


Having read these washing and dry cleaning tips mentioned in this piece, it is important to reveal that the way your clothes are handled determines their long-term use. If you don’t know how to apply some of these dry cleaning tips, it is advisable to see a professional dry cleaner to get the best results.

Dry Cleaning And Washing Secrets to Keep Your Clothes Looking Fresh and Brand New